What does XR4industry do?

XR4industry is a rapidly growing startup based in Wijchen, specializing in the development of simulations for the validation and virtual commissioning of machines, production lines, and robotic solutions. These interactive simulations are commonly referred to as digital twins. Our simulations enable companies to reduce the development time of new machines and concepts . With our unique approach, we make digital twins cost-effective even for small businesses, enabling them to use this technology that was once primarily available to larger enterprises.

Our customers have the ability to thoroughly examine their designs for errors and inaccuracies before the physical production of a machine, thanks to our simulation. Additionally, programmers can develop and test machine control by connecting the simulation the PLC. These simulations are also employed by our customers to more clearly present the machine to their end customers during the sales process. The various departments, including engineering (3D engineers and PLC programmers), sales, and training, can all utilize the same simulation environment.

If this sound to good to be true, or if it sounds like the effort will not be worth it. We’d love to show you how our young and innovative company can make these simulations viable for your company. For instance, we can create the digital twin for you, allowing you to immediately use it for developing and testing PLC software without you having to learn how to make these simulations yourself.