We develop user friendly software with which you visualize of your newly designed machine in 3D. A virtual prototype can be made from a 3D model of a machine that is still in development. This virtual prototype be treated in the exact same way as a physical prototype. The machine can be grabbed, viewed, taken apart, and you can even program it. It’s everything you need to reduce your development time.

We currently have 3 different kinds software. Each of which is made for a different step within the development proces of new machines. For the programmer, there’s XR4programming. This allows you to make a virtual protoype of a newly developed machine, a Digital Twin. This virtual prototype can then be used to visualise the software written for the PLC, allowing you to start programming directly after the 3D model of the machine is completed. This saves a lot of valuable time during the development fase because the software for the PLC is already made and tested. This allows you to work on programming it during production of the physical machine, giving you the opportunity to first run the actual machine with software that has been throughoutly tested on it’s virtual counterpart.

XR4engineering allows the developer, more specifically the engineer, to validate his 3D design early on in the development proces. The engineer can, for example, view the 3D models in VR, build the machine in a virtual world to check if everything matches up, and take the machine apart again to take a look at every little detail of the machine. This wil help bring a lot of design flaws to light. Fixing these before building the first prototype will save time, and give you a much more solid first prototype.

XR4sales is the tool for the Sales and Marketing department. The virtual prototypes can be presented at expos, fairs and even remotely. The virtual prototypes made with our software can be placed in a virtual showroom with multiple other machines. Or by themselves in a room in extremely high detail to catch more attention. This way costumers can easily be informed of the newest developments. If a company wants a private demonstration, the sales person can easily visit and give a presentation. This is even possible remotely via Teams, Zoom, etc.

Probably the biggest difference with other Digital Twin software is the user-friendliness of our software. To make a Digital Twin in our software, no programming or programming experience is required. We deliver plug-and-play Digital Twins instead of a software programs in which the customer has to develop and program the Twin themselves. Another advantage is our independence. We develop our software completely in-house, meaning our software works with every robot/machine supplier, with every brand of PLC and with all commonly used CAD programs software and models. Its completely universal.