Royal Kaak

Kaak has been an international leader in stand-alone machines and complete bakery lines for 175 years – from silo to truck. Kaak has all the technologies available in-house, which means that every bakery can turn to Kaak for machines and production lines in all conceivable sizes, designs and capacities.

For Kaak we made a digital twin of their Scrabbler. This scrabbler scrapes the dough from the incoming trays to then place the dough back on an oven belt with equal distance inbetween each bread. The biggest challenge during the programming of the PLC are the different shapes and sizes of each type of bread and writing new code for every new type that has to go trough the machine. Our digital twin helps during the programmer by visualizing the position of each instance of dough. As well as allowing the programmer to wite new code for a new order without downtime on the machine or having the need to use test samples.