Brom Mechatronica

Brom Mechatronica BV, located in Valkenswaard, specializes in the innovation of mechatronic machines, modules, and test systems. In terms of development, they have capabilities in the fields of mechanics, dynamics, control engineering, electrical engineering, and software. Their workshop offers rapid realization and testing possibilities. With these capabilities, Brom is able to complete the entire development process, from idea to series production.

In this process, a machine has been developed that can stack and unstack crates. These crates contain flower bulbs with a foam layer on top to prevent the bulbs from germinating too early. The machine removes the foam between the crates or places the foam between them, depending on the current need.

The XR4industry simulation has assisted Brom in design reviews, discussions with the customer, and provides the opportunity for Brom to conduct tests on the virtual machine without having to shut down the physical machine.