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XR4industry creates user-friendly software aimed at mechanical engineering companies, more specifically those focussing on robot and machine engineers. These software products are tools made to help your company implement Industry 4.0. This software isn’t part of a platform, which often brings an enormous complexity; no, they’re software products. This means that it’s easy to use, and compatible with every other type of software used within your industry. .

For programmers, there’s the completely system-independent Digital Twin component, that allows you to test your software using a digital copy. Interactive virtual showrooms are there for your sales department, allowing you to showcase your products digitally, with or without the use of Virtual Reality. We let engineers experience their first prototype in real life without actually building it, by allowing you to dynamically load your designs in a Virtual Reality environment.


Ariane Buining, Sales & Marketing Director at Codian Robotics:

“We always invited people at an expo, or to our Experience Centre in Ede. There, we can show all the details and differences between our robots. Since we got the VR showroom, we can also do this through Teams.”

XR4sales consists of interactive virtual showrooms, meant to present your products to the client. With this, the client gets an immersive experience about the inner workings of your products.

There are multiple ways of presenting this: With a Virtual Reality environment, which means an experience where the client steps into a virtual environment. A definite eyecatcher on expo’s, and the most immersive option of the two. Without Virtual Reality, the virtual environment can also be shown by guiding a camera through the space using a keyboard. This requires less hardware, and also makes it possible to present the virtual environment on a video call. If an environment is lightweight enough, we can also make it available on websites.

In short, XR4sales is unique because:

  • of the ability to show your products and all their details.
  • it gives the possibility to interact and/or animate your products.
  • it’s a complete 3D showroom containing multiple products.
  • it’s an environment that can be used to generate video’s of (part of) the showroom, allowing you to specifically make them for a certain client.
  • the directions of movement per machine or robot is unlimited.
  • it’s usable completely independent from your CAD-software.

Immensely detailed interactive presentation digitally showing the movements of the robot.


Freek Hartman, Managing Director at Codian Robotics: “When I use Virtual Reality to look at my design, I get more realistic insights before I get to see the first prototype. This shortens the development process a lot.”

XR4engineering is a Virtual Reality-based environment that allows you to look at your prototype design, before actually building the prototype. This allows you to uncover design flaws very early in the development process.

It can be used with a Virtual Reality set, or simply on your laptop or computer.

In short, XR4developers is unique because:

  • it allows you to view your new design in the same amount of detail as your CAD-design.
  • you can disassemble the product up until the last bolt, allowing you to check your design up to the smallest detail.
  • the software allows you to load your own models. It’s easy, and can be used by everyone.
  • you can load a CAD-model without delay
  • It’s compatible with any CAD-program imaginable. (AutoCad, SolidWorks, ArchiCAD, etc.)


XR4programming is a virtual simulation environment that can be used to program your products. The environment functions as a Digital Twin for your actual design, and our API allows you to connect your XR4programmers software to the Digital Twin component in your PLC/DLC. This makes programs written for the Digital Twin instantly usable on the actual robot, and vice versa.

In short, XR4programmers is unique because:

  • written code can be tested without the need for a physical copy of the product being programmed.
  • De he virtual products are Digital Twins of their real-life counterparts, meaning they function in the exact same way.
  • The simulation environment is OS and programming language independent because of a generic API.

The Team

XR4industry was founded on a collaboration between three areas of expertise: An autodidactic programmer, a perfectionistic 3D-animator and a research and product developer with over 25 years of experience in the more traditional industries. This unique collaboration, through the small scale and diversity, makes it possible to apply the newest techniques in the industry in an affordable manner.

3D visualisations are becoming more important with the day. More and more companies can make huge gains by a detailed virtual rendition of their products. A mechanical engineer might want to check and test their design early in the development process. Or the sales department who can present these designs on expos or through a video call using 3D.

XR4industry is a new company who uses several virtual reality techniques to make these types of 3D renditions possible for businesses. These techniques were developed in the gaming industry, and continue to improve at a rapid pace. XR4industry follows these developments, and keeps implementing these techniques into their own products. Several of these techniques are being tested in a practical environment through a close collaboration with an industrial partner, preparing them to be used on a larger scale.



Physical address: Van Heemstraweg 58, 6651 KH Druten

Email: info@XR4industry.com