Digital Twin connection with Sigma Control PLC

XR4programming connected to a Sigma Control PLC. The PLC, in turn, is controlling a Codian Robotics delta robot.

The process of programming robots is a time consuming one. Not having to program the system attached to a robot in the factory itself saves a lot of time. This is a complicated matter, when you consider that the robots in the factory aren’t available in the average office.

A lot of PLCs/DLCs currently contain a programmable, digital version of the robot it’s intended to control. This could be used to write the right program without having an actual robot. The visual feedback these ‘digital twins’ give are usually limited by the coordinates or angles of the robot in question, which gives hardly any idea of what is actually happening.

XR4programming is an independent visual component for these digital twins, and allows you to show the written program on a virtual copy of the robot. Because XR4programming can be reached through an API, there’s no limit to what brand or type of robot it can be connected to. The connection between XR4programming and a control system is easy to write, which makes it enormously versatile.