Freek Hartman, Managing Director at Codian Robotics: “When I use Virtual Reality to look at my design, I get more realistic insights before I get to see the first prototype. This shortens the development process a lot.”

XR4engineering is a Virtual Reality-based environment that allows you to look at your prototype design, before actually building the prototype. This allows you to uncover design flaws very early in the development process.

It can be used with a Virtual Reality set, or simply on your laptop or computer.

In short, XR4developers is unique because:

  • it allows you to view your new design in the same amount of detail as your CAD-design.
  • you can disassemble the product up until the last bolt, allowing you to check your design up to the smallest detail.
  • the software allows you to load your own models. It’s easy, and can be used by everyone.
  • you can load a CAD-model without delay
  • It’s compatible with any CAD-program imaginable. (AutoCad, SolidWorks, ArchiCAD, etc.)