The Binding Factor

The Binding Factor manufactures machines that can fully automate stonestrip bonding to prefab walls. The Binding Factor has developed a patented technology to provide construction panels with stone strips by gluing in a fully automated way. The Binding Factor’s machines are able to glue the panels independent of size. This results in less cutting loss and faster on-site assembly.

The machine that The Binding Factor has developed is quite large, about 15 by 15 meters, and thus cant be taken to an expo. To still be abled to show what they have developed, how the machine works and what the possibilities are, TBF uses a Digital Twin made by XR4industry. This Digital Twin is used to speed up the developments of the machine by providing extra insights to the developers. It is also used by plc programmers. Most of the time when programmers have to program a machine, it is not fully built yet. The simulation allows programmers to program the machine while the physical machine isn’t built yet. They can use the Digital Twin as a virtual machine and test their control software on that.

An additional advantage of the Digital Twin is its realistic looking visualization of the running machine. It can be viewed in VR in its entirety which gave visitors a good idea of the machine. It was also a very useful tool for the sales team when showing the machine to someone. The video of this Digital Twin can be seen above.