XR4programming is a virtual simulation environment that can be used to program your products. You don’t need to be near the physical machine, it can even be still in development. As long as there is a 3D model, our software can be used to make a virtual prototype. The virtual machines and robots are “Digital Twins” of their physical counterpart. Our API allows you to connect your XR4programmers software to the Digital Twin component in your PLC/DLC. This makes programs written for the Digital Twin instantly usable on the actual robot, and vice versa. This product is mainly usefull for programmers and system integrators.

In short, XR4programmers is unique because:

  • Written code can be tested without the need for a physical copy of the product being programmed.
  • The virtual products are Digital Twins of their real-life counterparts, meaning they function in the exact same way.
  • The simulation environment is OS and programming language independent because of a generic API.