How can the sales team use our software?

Our software, which aids engineers and programmers during development, can also be utilized by the sales and marketing teams. Customers can be taken through their yet-to-be-built machines interactively, preventing miscommunications and generating excitement. Sales teams can virtually showcase the entire range of machines they offer, highlighting the differences between models. Marketing can use the software to generate visuals of machines, both existing and upcoming, in static or dynamic presentations. Additionally, the ability to hide confidential components provides a secure way to virtually present machines at trade shows without the risk of unwanted competitor observation.

Ariane Buining, Sales & Marketing Director at Codian Robotics: “We always invited people at an expo, or to our Experience Centre in Ede. There, we can show all the details and differences between our robots. Since we have got the VR showroom, we can also do this through Teams.”

Within our software, two ways of viewing the machine are possible. Using a VR headset brings the machine to life, allowing customers to view it at true scale and walk through it. Alternatively, without a VR headset, presentations can be conducted on a computer with the ability to navigate through the machine using the keyboard. While somewhat less immersive, this option is highly suitable for remote presentations or shorter sessions due to its accessibility.