Ariane Buining, Sales & Marketing Director at Codian Robotics:

“We always invited people at an expo, or to our Experience Centre in Ede. There, we can show all the details and differences between our robots. Since we got the VR showroom, we can also do this through Teams.”

XR4sales consists of interactive virtual showrooms, meant to present your products to the client. With this, the client gets an immersive experience about the inner workings of your products.

There are multiple ways of presenting this: With a Virtual Reality environment, which means an experience where the client steps into a virtual environment. A definite eyecatcher on expo’s, and the most immersive option of the two. Without Virtual Reality, the virtual environment can also be shown by guiding a camera through the space using a keyboard. This requires less hardware, and also makes it possible to present the virtual environment on a video call. If an environment is lightweight enough, we can also make it available on websites.

In short, XR4sales is unique because:

  • of the ability to show your products and all their details.
  • it gives the possibility to interact and/or animate your products.
  • it’s a complete 3D showroom containing multiple products.
  • it’s an environment that can be used to generate video’s of (part of) the showroom, allowing you to specifically make them for a certain client.
  • the directions of movement per machine or robot is unlimited.
  • it’s usable completely independent from your CAD-software.

Immensely detailed interactive presentation digitally showing the movements of the robot.